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What You Fight For

The Mouse Guard RPG live play podcast. Join the adventures of a group of tenderpaws in the Mouse Guard as they learn about themselves and the powers at play across the Mouse Territories. Listen in as they learn exactly what it is they’re fighting for.


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Our theme music is Wonders by SJ Tucker. Find more of her Pixie Pirate Mythpunk Folk Rock at


Our Logo and art is by Ryan Sigh, check out their page at

Sep 19, 2019

Time for our spoopy Halloween episodes! This year we're playing @FriaLigan 's Tales From The Loop, an 80s kids dealing w/ weird tech stuff RPG based on the amazing art by @simonstalenhag ! Adventure lands on the roof in pt 1!
#TalesFromTheLoop #WYFFCast

Sep 4, 2019

Mystery of the missing weapon shipments continuesas well as the whole water purification thing . New technological developments from Martin give us 5 unique forms of travel seen here! Plus, stay tuned post credits for Cheese Chat!
#MouseGuard #WYFFCast